George A. Duku Jr also known as "Karast” is an inspiring upcoming rap artist from Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Karast was born Nov. 30, 1986 in a family of 5 as the second oldest in his family. This young up coming artist has big dreams, which are soon becoming realty with faith and hard work. Karast began his journey at the age of sixteen with his friends on his block at Bella Vista Place beat boxing, free styling and coming up with ways to express himself through his words and rhymes. Through rapping competitions between his friends & other outsiders, he realized he wanted to continue down this path. At the age of 21, after completion of university studies, he finally came to realization what his passion really was... Which was music. He draws his inspiration from many old and new artists that revolutionized music in their day. Artists like Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, & Tupac are just few people he looks at and sees himself. People might give up their dreams for many reasons; But Karast is nowhere close to stopping his dreams from coming true. His motivation comes from the desire to achieve greatness and success for himself and most importantly his loved ones. Also the struggles and yearn to put an end to his sorrows and the dislike of his childish ways, helps him in turning all situation into victory.

He’s constantly asked; with university & College degrees why waste time in an industry that takes years to get discovered? Why have you chosen music as a career path? "Because its the oldest art form known to man and no other art form allows you the degree of expression that music grants one self" said the young inspiring artist at a interview in Suave Lounge in Brampton right before hitting the stage for his first live performance in July '09.... TO BE CONTINUED